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Weight Watchers Changes Its Name

Sept. 24, 2018  — Weight Watchers International announced that the company will become WW,  honoring its legacy while broadening the role it plays in helping everyone live healthier lives. A new tagline, “Wellness that Works.” will be used globally to reflect the company’s heritage and overall approach to health and wellbeing of inspiring powerful habits rooted in science.

To inspire healthy habits, WW announced today that it will launch WellnessWins, a first-of-its-kind program that rewards members for small, everyday behaviors that are proven to lead to healthier habits. Members will earn “Wins” for tracking meals, activity and weight, as well as for attending WW Wellness Workshops. Wins can be redeemed for exclusive products, services and experiences designed to inspire members on their wellness journeys. Results from a pilot program showed increased engagement, satisfaction and retention. The program has been operating in beta and will launch to all members in the U.S. on October 4, with launches in all international markets following in the first quarter of 2019.

In addition, WW has formed a partnership with Headspace, a global leader in meditation and mindfulness, to help develop customized content for WW members. An initial pilot in the U.S. embedding Headspace in the WW app showed a positive response. Content from Headspace will launch initially in English as part of the WW member experience and will later be offered in German and French – marking the first time that Headspace is creating content in a language other than English.

WW is also launching Connect Groups, a new way to strengthen WW’s community and help foster meaningful relationships that inspire healthy habits. Community is one of the most powerful parts of the WW experience and an important element of wellness. Groups will deepen WW’s Connect community in the app, which currently has on average 1.8 million unique users each month, by helping people to find other members like them.

In a further move toward wellness, starting in January 2019, every product sold directly to consumers by WW globally will have no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors and preservatives and will reflect the new brand identity, instantly signaling this new reformulation and development to consumers.

The move to WW includes an entirely new brand identity – from logo and color palette to font and photography style – which will come to life across all brand touchpoints and member experiences leading with an all new WW app experience. A campaign launching the new brand will debut in late December and workshop locations will be refreshed in 2019.

The cost of keep in touch…

The cheapest plan starts at $3.07 a week for a “digital” membership — meaning the customer uses an app and can chat online with WW reps when they have questions — to $6.92 a week for “studio” — the program with regular in-person weekly meetings — and $12.69 a week for one-on-one “coaching.”

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