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Marketdata Enterprises, Inc., founded in 1979, has been publishing independent market research studies for 35 years. Marketdata is a privately-owned corporation based in Tampa, Florida. We are engaged in the following activities:

  • Publishing off-the-shelf, multi-client market and industry studies
  • Custom Research
  • Consulting
  • Website Development

We focus on analyzing SERVICE and HEALTHCARE sectors, usually niche markets that no one else has analyzed. Most importantly, our research is NOT funded or commissioned by anyone–so it’s always unbiased.

Our market studies are sold direct, and are also available via marketing research distributors and online business databases such as: Marketresearch.com, Mindbranch, Global Information Inc., Bharat Book Bureau, PharmaceuticalMarkets.com, and Research & Markets. Most market reports are also available via electronic business databases, for a fee.

We also perform Custom Market Research projects and Management Consulting, including phone and mail surveys. Basically, we can find information on ANY topic or market, quickly and inexpensively.

The Weight Loss Market Is Our Specialty – For 29 Years!

Marketdata is the ONLY market research firm to regularly track ALL 10 Segments of the U.S. weight loss industry: commercial chains like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, medical weight loss programs based in hospitals, clinics, and MD offices, Rx diet drugs, diet soft drinks, diet foods/entrees, diet books, exercise videos, artificial sweeteners, diet plans offered by health clubs, and meal replacements like Slim-Fast, OTC diet pills and appetite suppressants, weight loss surgeries, dieter demographics, franchising, “cyberdieting” (web-based diet companies/programs,) and more.

We know the most about this market because we were the first to analyze and define this huge market in 1989. Our market research material was used as background for 1990 Congressional hearings and has been quoted extensively in all national periodicals. We speak to reporters, writers and analysts every week of the year, and have more “inside” contacts than anyone. That’s how we’re able to obtain hard-to-find information via phone interviews, company press releases, etc. Most competitors in this market are private firms, with no annual reports, 10Ks or financial press releases. Incredibly, there is NO national weight loss trade association, annual convention, or trade journal covering the industry!

The Founder and Leading Weight Loss Market Consultant.

John S. LaRosa, B.S., M.B.A.
President, Marketdata Enterprises, Inc.

Mr. LaRosa is the President of Marketdata Enterprises, Inc., a 39-year old privately owned independent market research publishing/consulting firm. During his career, Mr. LaRosa has personally authored more than 300 major industry/market studies, primarily in the service and healthcare sectors. In addition to publishing such studies, Marketdata has extensive experience creating and building “authority websites”.

Many of Marketdata’s studies (personally researched by Mr. LaRosa) cover little-analyzed niche markets. Frequently, Marketdata’s study is the ONLY business analysis available. Such is the case with sectors such as: the self-improvement market, the sleep aids market, chronic pain management programs, dating services, fertility clinics, the meditation market, tattoo parlors industry, medical spas, health coaching, motivational speaking, medical foods, etc.




Mr. LaRosa has been an analyst of the U.S. weight loss market since 1989, personally researching/writing 14 editions of an in-depth market study entitled: The U.S. Weight Loss & Diet Control Market, as well as quarterly Online Dieter Research Reports, BestDietForMe.com, which provided diet program reviews for the top 60 U.S. diet programs, as well as a proprietary diet quiz for consumers (from 2003-2012). Mr. LaRosa has performed numerous custom research and consulting assignments for weight loss companies and start-ups of all sizes, including medical programs, commercial programs, and pharmaceutical firms. He is also the author of a  book: “How To Start A Profitable Weight Loss Business”. In summary, Mr. LaRosa is the leading American weight loss market consultant, with the longest tenure, covering the entire weight loss market and its ten sub-segments.

Marketdata’s research is also available via several electronic databases, internationally.  Mr. LaRosa performs frequent custom studies and consulting assignments for Fortune 1000 corporations, and writes articles for a variety of trade associations, newsletters, magazines and journals.

Mr. LaRosa has worked as a consultant and advisor to several industry trade groups, including the Equipment Leasing Association, American Med Spa Assn., and the National Parking Association. He also is a contributing writer to trade journals such as The Bariatrician and WLS Lifestyles. Mr. LaRosa holds numerous conference calls with Wall Street and private equity analysts, primarily covering the weight loss market. He also critiques and advises start-up companies with new product launches, business and marketing plans.

Mr. LaRosa graduated from the State University of New York with a B.S. in Education in 1976, and earned his M.B.A. in Marketing from Hofstra University in New York in 1979.  He has worked for 40 years in the fields of: Marketing Management and Marketing Research, and now lives in Tampa, Florida.

Marketdata’s market research has been quoted since 1989 by the… Wall Street Journal, N.Y. Times, Newsweek, USA Today, Forbes, Fortune, Business Week, Entrepreneur, Research Alert, Bariatrician, Nutrition Business Journal, LA Times, Boston Globe, Chicago Sun Times, dozens of national trade groups, and hundreds of local newspapers nationwide.  Mr. LaRosa has appeared on CNN, Nightline, ABC, FOX-TV, and other stations and is frequently interviewed by the media.




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