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Americans Pack On The Pounds During Pandemic

March 23, 2021

Just as we thought, lots of Americans gained a significant amount of weight the past year due to the pandemic, forced to stay away from gyms and be sedentary at home. And, the obesity rate at 42% of adults, was already at record highs. Great news for weight loss program providers, lots of demand for the next year. Not so great for those who are overweight.

The American Psychological Association’s Stress in America Pandemic Survey polled 3,013 adults in the U.S. and found that the majority, 61%, said they experienced undesired weight changes.

42% of U.S. adults said they gained more weight than they intended, and of those, the amount they reported gaining averaged 29 pounds. Ten percent said they gained more than 50 pounds. Weight gain that leads to obesity can put people at higher risk for serious illness from Covid-19.

More women (45%) reported weight gain than men (39%) but men reported a higher average gain at 37 pounds, compared to the women’s average of 22 pounds.

The study also broke down the data by age group, finding 48% of millennials reported weight gain. This group reported the highest average weight gain at 41 pounds. Just over half of Gen Z adults reported undesired weight gain, with an average gain of 28 pounds. 

Looking for More Details on American Dieters?

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