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Diet Soft Drink Sales Fall in 2017, Again

Jan. 10, 2018 — According to new information from Beverage Digest magazine, Diet Coke is the third largest carbonated soft drink brand in the U.S., with a roughly 7.7% share of the market, according to the magazine’s estimates for 2017.

Continuing the move away from diet sodas by consumers, Diet Coke volume declined about -4.3% last year. Diet Pepsi declined about -7.7% by comparison. Marketdata analysts estimate that diet soft drink retail sales totaled $19.34 billion in 2016. Based on this new data, we estimate that these sales fell another 4.5% in 2017, to $18.47 billion.

Diet Pepsi has returned to its aspartame-sweetened formula after having eliminated it in a move to respond to sentiment against the sweetener. Sales declines accelerated after the move, however.


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