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HMR Acquired by Sanford Health, To Re-launch

Jan. 9, 2023

HMR (Health Management Resources), the weight loss program offered for the past 40 years in hospitals, clinics, and MD offices, was recently sold to Sanford Health, which runs the Profile by Sanford weight loss program. HMR has offered both medical and non-medical programs to consumers. In 2023, HMR programs and services will be re-launched to serve its members.

HMR has gone through multiple ownerships in the past three years. In early November 2022, the company announced its closure and winding down of activities. It had been acquired by Providence St. Joseph Health in January 2020, and was previously owned by Merck. Providence St. Joseph Health is a national, not-for-profit Catholic health system comprising a diverse family of organizations, with 51 hospitals, 829 physician clinics, senior services, supportive housing and many other health and educational services.

An affiliate of Profile Plan—a weight loss and nutrition program developed by top medical experts at Sanford Health—acquired the assets of the HMR Program and are in the process of hiring HMR staff to allow this new entity to offer HMR weight-loss programs and HMR Foods later this year. HMR services will operate from a new division of this firm. The same list of weight-loss programs and service options that former members know and love will be available. This team is working to reinstate Phase 1 and Phase 2 coaching groups, the HMR app, and availability of HMR food inventory as quickly as possible on the HMR Program web site.

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