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Jenny Craig Takes Different Path – By J. LaRosa, Marketdata

Jan. 9, 2019

A recent interview by the news site Cheddar, with Jenny Craig CEO Monty Sharma, revealed that the company is not stressing the wellness aspect of its program, in contrast to competitors such as WW (Weight Watchers). Mr. Sharma claims that consumers are confused by the term “wellness”.

Rather, the company is placing more emphasis on the one-to-one support provided by its consultants as well as the launch this quarter of its DNA analysis service, which was tested in 2018 and is now being rolled out across the system. The DNA analysis will help to further customize the meal plan for clients.

Mr. Sharma also said that the company is reaching out to all demographic age groups, and it has been very successful with Milennials, who have just as much of an overweight issue as Baby Boomers.

Notably absent in this discussion were two topics. The first is whether the company is still for sale, and the second is whether the firm is still planning to integrate the Curves fitness centers with the Jenny Craig weight loss program. Based on my research and phone calls to date, it appears that only a small number of sites have achieved this integration (75 sites?), and that the companies are not really merged but are operating as separate entities.

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