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Jenny Craig’s New “Max Up” Program

Dec. 30, 2021

Jenny Craig has come out with it’s new program for 2022, called Max Up.

The company claims that: “…While on the Max Up program, participants can lose up to 18 pounds* and 5 inches** off their waist size in the first four weeks. For the first time, Max Up participants complete a new digital Quality of Life assessment at the start of their program and every four weeks, which they review with their coach to ensure their goals are being hit.”

Max Up also offers participants step by step activity planning and a variety of weekly easy-to-follow activity videos, like steps and strength training, and personalized guidance from their coach. The program also includes a focus on hydration that participants can fit into their lifestyles easily and from the comfort of their homes. The Max Up journey is also supported through new Jenny Craig branded products, including light and medium resistance bands, infuser water bottle and new digital tools, including the wireless Hey Max! Scale and Jenny Craig app.

“Max Up is our very first complete program that’s designed not only to maximize weight loss but also positively impact overall quality of life,” said David Pastrana, CEO of Jenny Craig.”

Marketdata Commentary

With this “new” program, Jenny Craig seems to be saying that they are taking a broader and more holistic view of a person’s weight loss journey, by adding a quality of life assessment. Are they copying Weight Watchers, and moving into wellness? The obvious question then is, weren’t they doing this all along when the client first signs up and speaks to a counselor? They mention more focus on hydration. OK, all weight loss programs want you to drink a lot of water. Nothing new there. Maybe there have been some enhancements made to their app. Overall, we don’t see much substance here in the way of truly new features of the program. Will prospective clients see a compelling reason to join with Max Up? Hard to say, let’s wait until the first quarter of 2022 and see. Meanwhile, we haven’t seen any TV commercials by Jenny as of Dec. 30th, touting the new plan.

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