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Noom Is Testing Weight Loss Drugs

April 19, 2023

We obtained some information regarding Noom’s participation in the medical weight loss arena.

“…Noom Clinical is offered to adults (18+) that are over BMI 30 or, BMI 27 and above with obesity-related conditions. Individual eligibility for specific options is determined by our trained clinicians and overseen by our Chief of Medicine. With the program being so new, we are not providing details on patient experience or medications offered. Noom Clinical is still a small program not broadly available and has not yet been formally launched to the public. The launch will likely be within the next quarter.”

“…Noom Clinical is a select program that gives users access to a suite of telehealth services. Building on Noom’s longstanding mission to create healthier lives through behavior change, Noom Clinical is a separate program created to build additional support for Noom Weight users who meet standard medical eligibility conditions. 

Noom Clinical users receive a comprehensive evaluation by a trained clinician, and if medical standards determine the user meets the appropriate criteria, users have the option to discuss medication options with that clinician. While medication is not appropriate for all Noom Clinical users, the program can offer a better chance at long-term weight loss success utilizing medication to optimize biology for those who qualify.

Noom clinicians are physicians and physician-supervised Nurse Practitioners, all who complete Noom’s onboarding and training program and who carry the appropriate state licensures to prescribe. Those clinicians and our training program are overseen by our Chief of Medicine, a physician who is board-certified in Obesity and Internal Medicine.”


We would not be surprised to see other “commercial” weight loss companies enter the medical weight loss arena. Jenny Craig has done it before. The temptation and potential revenues are too great. Diet Business Watch.com (powered by Marketdata LLC) will keep you informed. However, at this point it is a risk. If side effects start emerging as more people are on the drugs, it could backfire. In addition, staff at commercial companies that have always advocated a natural approach (regular grocery store food, exercise, behavior modification) may feel like top management has betrayed them.

Want More Details About The Medical Weight Loss Market?

Then get a copy of Marketdata’s brand new report: “The U.S. Medical Weight Loss Market”, April 2023, 150 pages, 40 Table & Charts. See: marketdataenterprises.com for the Table of Contents and to order. The report covers weight loss surgery, bariatrician programs, the VLCD vendors, the prescription diet drugs market, and plans by hospitals, independent MDs and clinics. All 10 major medical chains and franchises are covered, as well as the competition with commercial programs, an overview of the total weight loss market, dieter behavior changes due to the pandemic, competitor revenues and rankings, profit margins, start-up costs, and more.

See some major findings from the report from our Press Release, here:


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