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NutriSystem Reports Q1 Results

April 30, 2015 – Dawn Zier, President and CEO, stated: “I am pleased that we were able to deliver double-digit revenue growth for the second diet season in a row. We achieved our 7th consecutive quarter of year-over-year revenue growth as we continued to innovate and provide our growing customer base with the solutions they desire to best reach their weight loss goals…”


Gross profit margin improved 310 basis points to 52.0% and gross profit increased 19% to $71.4 million. Revenue increased 12% to $137.2 million compared to $122.2 million. Net income rose to $2.9 million compared to $0.2 million.

Nutrisystem’s second quarter and full year 2015 guidance is as follows. Q2 revenue expected to be in the range of $123 to $128 million, adjusted EBITDA between $20.1 and $22.1 million, and earnings per share between $0.35 and $0.40. Full year revenue expected to be in the range of $440 to $455 million and earnings per share between $0.81 and $0.91.

Conference Call Details

Marketdata analysts listened to the conference call. The firm reported strong sales at Walmart, and the Simply Fresh line continues to do well in CA. This product line serves a more upscale demographic and the firm plans to expand it into other markets. The retail channel continues to grow, with a 20% gain expected this year. The company plans new packaging for the 2016 diet season and it will continue to look for sales outside its traditional customer base–a good sign in Marketdata’s opinion.

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