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Walgreens Partners With Jenny Craig

Oct. 28, 2019

Jenny Craig and Walgreens will open 100 Jenny Craig at Walgreens locations nationwide in January 2020. 

This collaboration marks the first time Jenny Craig will offer its services at a national drugstore chain in the U.S. and the first time customers will be able to receive personalized health and weight loss management services at their local Walgreens.

“Jenny Craig has a long standing history of changing lives through personal one-on-one support and lifestyle management. We found Jenny Craig to be a strong fit with our shared mission to provide trusted, proven, and personalized care,” said Jim OConor, senior vice president, neighborhood health destination, Walgreens. “Jenny Craig at Walgreens will give customers the opportunity to interact face-to-face with Jenny Craig consultants, just as our patients have experienced for over a century with our pharmacists.”

The 100 Jenny Craig at Walgreens will open in 20 states across the country in markets including Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, and Phoenix, among others. After these locations open in January, the companies will begin to explore other potential in-store and digital initiatives.

Marketdata Commentary:

Seems like the weight loss companies are taking Marketdata’s advice–to expand their footprint and team up with healthcare and retail partners. CVS has been offering a weight loss program of their own at drugstore mini-clinics for years, although they haven’t gained any traction due to a lack of advertising. Go where the clients are, make your program as accessible as possible. Will Weight Watchers (WW) do the same? Just a matter of time before we see weight loss being offered at Walmart and Target stores. NutriSystem’s Quick Start trial product is already in Sam’s Club and Costco.

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