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Where’s All The Weight Loss TV Ads?

April 20,2020

Marketdata analysts are seeing plenty of TV commercials lately by Noom, a few by NutriSystem, but little from any of the other competitors? What’s going on with the marketing departments of WW and Jenny Craig?

It’s still prime diet season until Memorial Day, although admittedly, consumers have other things on their mind right now (stay at home state lockdowns due to the virus,stimulus checks, getting laid off from jobs). Marketdata analysts have seen very few TV commercials from WW and Jenny during the past 4-6 weeks.

NutriSystem should be touting its model right now, emphasizing that clients don’t need to visit a weight loss center to use their program, that the food is delivered direct to their door after placing their order by phone or online. Contactless delivery. No in-person counseling needed (It can be accessed free of charge by phone.).

WW should be running ads that emphasize that they do have a virtual service, WW.com, and that you can still participate in the program without going to a center. They should be touting the virtual Zoom workshops.

So, why aren’t they doing this? Maintaining communication with clients and prospects right now should be paramount.

Are they trying to conserve money by not spending on TV commercials, saving it for later on in the year when the lockdowns are lifted and the crisis dissipates?

Meanwhile, Noom is plugging right along with new ads, probably gaining market share.

Wake up WW and Jenny Craig!

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