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WW Launches New Plan

Nov. 11, 2019

“More options” and “more freedom” are key aspects of Weight Watchers’ new customizable myWW program.

For the first time, WW (Weight Watchers) is offering its members the opportunity to choose a program tailored to a member’s weight loss plan — giving them “more flexibility” when it comes to the foods they eat.

MyWW, allows members to choose from three customized plans based on taste preferences, eating habits and goals. Members are first asked to complete a personal assessment then chose whether the Blue, Green or Purple plan is best for them.

With the Green Plan, members will be able to build meals and snacks around more than 100 ZeroPoint foods including fruits and vegetables. Green members also have the largest SmartPoints budget to spend on other foods.

The Blue Plan (known by current members as WW Freestyle), allows members to build meals around more than 200 ZeroPoint foods including fruits, veggies and lean proteins with a smaller SmartPoints budget. Members can have a breakfast of banana pancakes with a salmon and spinach salad for lunch and a lamb and black bean stir fry for dinner, aside from the additional snacks and desert.

The new Purple Plan  offers more than 300 ZeroPoint foods and adds grains including whole wheat pasta and potatoes, while also having a more modest SmartPoints budget.

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