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WW Teams Up With Amazon, Launches Halo

Aug. 29, 2020

WW has collaborated with Amazon for the launch of Amazon Halo, a health and wellness membership and wearable device that uses technology to provide personal wellness insights. 

The Amazon collaboration will provide consumers with the latest in personal health and wellness technology, demonstrating our shared commitment to offering consumers science-backed, cutting edge tools. To enhance what already exists within WW’s tech-enabled ecosystem, Amazon Halo will provide the Body feature, which allows members to get a highly accurate measurement of their body composition from the comfort and privacy of their own home. This tool, when used in conjunction with weight measurement, provides a more comprehensive understanding of overall health and wellness.

In addition to the Body feature, Amazon Halo members will have access to Labs, one-to-four week challenges or experiments within the Amazon Halo app that help members discover the healthy habits that work best for them. Labs include audio and video content that dive into wellness pillars such as activity, nutrition, sleep and more. At launch, members will be able to use more than a dozen labs provided by WW, bringing Amazon Halo members WW’s behavioral science-backed recommendations.

As part of the collaboration with Amazon Halo, WW members have the option to link their Amazon Halo and WW accounts to share activity data from Halo, which WW will convert to FitPoints.

WW will soon announce a variety of promotional offers. You can visit http://ww.com/us/amazon to learn more about Amazon Halo and WW.

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