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WW’s CEO Mindy Grossman To Step Down

Oct. 2, 2021

WW International, Inc. (WW) announced that Mindy Grossman, President and CEO, who has led the brand’s transformation since 2017, has decided to step down as President and CEO after the first quarter of 2022. Ms. Grossman will continue to lead the company until that time and will work with the Board of Directors to help with the selection of a successor.

Since joining in 2017, Ms. Grossman has led the transformation of the company, relaunching the brand and renaming the company to WW from Weight Watchers in 2018 to reflect the company’s evolution to a personalized digital health, wellness and science-based weight loss platform built on community. Through its technology investments, WW has evolved to a digital-first subscription model and the company has won numerous awards for its innovative app.

Marketdata Commentary:

Ms. Grossman’s decision to step down raise some interesting possibilities for the future of WW. Will the company hire another woman? What kind of business background will the new CEO have? Will that new person continue WW’s emphasis on wellness, or return the firm to a brand primarily focused on weight loss? Grossman deserves credit for expanding WW’s scope to include more retail partners and promoters, and pivoting the company to a digital delivery platform during a pandemic. We hope that the new leader will continue to be innovative and re-establish WW as the market leader. However, he/she will face challenges by fast-growing competitors such as Noom, Medifast, Profile by Sanford and other regional commercial and medical chains. The new CEO will need to pay more attention to these competitors, who have been eating away at WW’s market share for the past five years or more.

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