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An Improved BMI Formula On The Horizon?

In my consulting travels, I come across some very interesting start-ups, entrepreneurs and ventures that launch new diet companies and products or services designed to augment the programs of existing companies. One such venture is the Weight Zone Factor, by a California mathematician and entrepreneur with a team of people under the name Virtual Wellness, Inc.. His name is Jay Weiner.

As many of you know, the Body Mass Index algorithm was developed over 100 years ago and is less than perfect in that it does not take factors such as a person’s frame into account in determining their “ideal” weight. Rather than a specific number of pounds, the Weight Zone Factor software figures out your ideal weight “range” – based on 25 health and lifestyle variables.

Please see the website and take the questionnaire for your results. Mr. Weiner is seeking partners, diet companies that would like to differentiate themselves from competitors. He is also providing SEO and online ad enhancement services that will produce significantly higher click-through rates and conversions for online ad accounts, using the new formula.

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