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Marketdata To Host Weight Loss Conference in 2015

"Launching A Successful Medical Weight Loss Program" - The Business of Weight Loss - For MDs. Marketdata Enterprises, Tampa, FL, the nation's leading analyst and consulting firm for the weight loss market for 25 years, will host a major new, intensive business conference for MDs, Physicians Assistants, Nurses and Dietitians that shows them step by…
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Dr. G’s Weight Loss & Wellness Grows

As discussed in the next article below, the small medical chains continue to grow. Dr. G's Weight Loss & Wellness (Dr. Charles Goldsmith, founder), based in Florida, now has 30 locations, 26 in the U.S. (FL - 14 sites, NY, NJ, NC, PA, DE, KY, AZ) and 4 in Central America (Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala,…
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Small Medical Weight Loss Chains Continue to Thrive

We just learned about three small medical weight loss chains that we never knew about before, corroborating a trend that we at Marketdata have noted for several years now. That is, medical weight loss chains continue to flourish across the country and grow, either by organic growth, franchising or licensing. This is one of the…
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Jenny Craig Re-hires Kirstie Alley – Good Move or Gamble?

Jenny Craig last month re-hired actress Kirstie Alley as their spokesperson. The actress stars in an ad breaking¬† in which she pleads with Jenny to let her "come home" so she can enjoy "yummy food" and lose 20 to 30 pounds. The spot marks the beginning of a new campaign featuring Ms. Alley's "renewed weight…
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Why Your New Start-up Is Not Going To “Disrupt” Squat!

Marketdata Commentary: John LaRosa I've been hearing and seeing the word "disrupt" a lot lately in business conversations. It seems to be the new buzzword that everyone is using, to describe how their new start-up is going to shake up the market and put companies like Weight Watchers out of business. Truth be told, there…
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Kirstie Alley Joins Jenny Craig As Spokesperson – Again

Ms. Alley initially found success with Jenny Craig in 2004, when she lost 75 lbs. on the program. She maintained her 145-lb. figure for three years, but once she left the company in 2007, her discipline, and weight, fluctuated. For a while, she was touting her own diet plan, organic Liaison. She returned to Jenny…
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