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Multi-level Market For Weight Loss Products Worth $2.2 Billion in the U.S. – New Marketdata Study

Multi-level marketing has long been used as a distribution channel to sell weight loss products. But lately, it has become more popular, as there are now at least two dozen companies selling diet products in the U.S. this way. Herbalife has become the #2 diet company by sales, by selling $717 million worth of weight loss products in the U.S. last year. Visalus and Isagenix have seen strong growth as well, not to mention Medifast with $228 million generated by its Take Shape For Life MLM division.

To date, there has been no market study focused soley on the MLM market for weight loss products, until now. Marketdata has just released a groundbreaking 107-page analysis, with 25 tables, MLM company rankings and sales, and 25 in-depth competitor profiles.

Marketdata estimates this to be a $5.25 billion Worldwide market and $2.2 billion in the U.S. (or 42% of the World tally). The MLM model has recently come under fire for being an illegal pyramid scheme, mainly via William Ackman’s hedge fund allegations and attempts to short Herbalife stock. However, companies such as Medifast have weathered similar critics in the past, and have been cleared of any wrongdoing. MLMs such as Herbalife and Shaklee have been operating in the U.S. since the 1990s and no one has shut them down yet.

This new study covers the $market size from 1995-2018 forecast, how the MLM model works, why MLM weight loss sellers have captured a steadily growing share of the overall $26 billion market for diet products (diet company food, soft drinks, meal replacements, pills), market trends and regulation, historical direct selling sales, avg. earnings per MLM “distributor”, 25 insightful competitor profiles, and more

See the complete Press Release, Major Findings, Here:

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See the report description and table of contents here:
(Report # FS47)

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