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British Supplement Maker Finds That Women Go On Twice As many Diets As They Have Lovers – 16 In Their Lifetime!

Jan. 20, 014… Women go on twice as many diets during their lives as they have lovers, according to new research. The average woman diets 16 times, shedding a total of five stone, and has eight lovers in her lifetime. More than half of those polled admitted they had been on more diets than they’d had sexual partners.

According to the study, the average diet lasts just one month, with women most commonly losing between 5lbs and 7lbs. However more than a quarter of women (27 per cent) confessed to ditching their diet after just a week.

The number one reason for giving up a diet is a lack of willpower, followed by boredom and a lapse after a night out with friends. By far the most popular reason for starting a diet is unhappiness with body shape, chosen by half of those polled.

The findings were revealed in a new survey of 1,000 women by the diet firm Forza Supplements.

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