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Jenny Craig’s New York Employees Obtain Class Action Certification – Dispute Over Work Hours

Oct. 31, 2013…A New York City trial judge has certified a class of 751 current and former Jenny Craig workers who claim the company changed their time cards to show that they had taken 30-minute meal breaks when, in fact, they were pushed to work through the pause. This, the complaint claims, was a policy that began in 2005. Despite denials by the company, “The court finds that plaintiffs have submitted sufficient evidence” to move forward as a group, the judge found.

Marketdata Commentary

First, Weight Watchers group leaders complained about low pay. Now, Jenny Craig employees are alleging a shaving of their hours by management. One more negative hit for Jenny. Sounds like this could be an industry-wide systemic problem with these low-pay, high-turnover weight loss coaches and counselors. Time to think about upgrading this job function?

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