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Nestle Says Jenny Craig Not Doing Well – Really? New Ad Campaign: “Eat. Live. Jenny”

Gee what a surprise! Nestle, in its latest quarterly report, says that Jenny Craig has not been doing well for two years, and has a turnaround plan for it. No details yet, although we at Marketdata can’t wait to hear what it could possibly be. We’ve been saying that, although Nestle does not release financials for Jenny any more, sales HAVE to have been declining in the U.S., considering how other less costly diet progams have also been struggling.

Reduced price for Jenny food? Waiver of registration and service fees?
New celebrity ad campaign spokespersons? More and different food items? Closure of unprofitable centers? More emphasis on male clients? More emphasis on online support or new online program? There are only so many things one can do to “tweak” a brick & mortar weight loss center model.

Well, the news just broke that they are launching a new ad campaign that ditches the celebrities, with a simpler approach that focuses on its portion-controlled food and support. The new campaign, by Havas, New York, is timed for the back-to-school period. An ad agency review is planned by the end of the year as well.

In a strategy shift, Jenny will soon start selling its food online, with consults via email and other e-tools. They are going after those DIY dieters. Its core program with in-person meetings will remain. Jenny is rolling out new pricing, “Jenny As You Go”, for $39.99/month where consumers can cancel at any time. This does NOT include food. Recently-hired Marketing Chief Leesa Eichberger is behind the new plan.

Sounds like the company finally listened to what Marketdata has been saying about the company for at least three years now – make the plan more flexible and affordable.

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