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NutriSystem Adds Home DNA Test to Program

July 16, 2018 – Nutrisystem announced the launch of DNA Body Blueprint™, a genetic-based product using a proprietary algorithm that provides an integrated personal action plan focused on eating behaviors, nutrition and metabolism. DNA Body Blueprint is slated to be prominently featured in national multi-media marketing and advertising campaigns debuting today, July 16. This announcement comes soon after competitor Jenny Craig’s launch of a similar service on June 18, jst a month ago.

“By providing a personalized overview that is the ultimate roadmap for an individual’s ongoing nutritional needs, this product delivers on our mission of helping consumers make more informed choices and achieve outcomes that drive overall health,” commented Dawn Zier, President and CEO, Nutrisystem, Inc. “This groundbreaking use of DNA technology is a major step forward in the areas of weight loss, maintenance, and personalized nutrition. Consumer interest is high and we believe this product will attract new consumers to our brand as well as allow us to extend our relationship with them as they transition from weight loss to an ongoing healthy lifestyle.”

The company worked closely with and entered into an exclusive agreement with Genetic Direction, a leading provider of DNA-based health management programs, to develop a simple and secure DNA test that uses advanced genetic testing technology and genomic analysis. Customers will discover whether they are more genetically inclined to lose weight and maintain weight loss, whether they have a slower or faster metabolism, and how their body processes macronutrients such as carbs, fats and proteins, and what to do about it. Customers will be able to discuss their personalized report with a weight loss counselor and tailor their program based on the report findings.

The test involves a simple cheek swab. Nutrisystem, through Genetic Direction, will be utilizing AKESOgen, an industry leading global genetic testing lab, to provide data and results. The regular price of the test is $99.99 but currently there is a 50% off deal — $49.99.

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