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Pastor Rick Warren Launches New Diet Plan

Rick Warren, one of the nation’s best-known pastors and author of the bestseller The Purpose Driven Life, has been on a weight loss journey with his congregation for the past three years. Mr. Warren has a new book called The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to A Healthier Life – just in time for the new 2014 diet season. The book is based on He wanted to lose 90 lbs. several years ago and challenged his 22,000-member congregation to get healthier with him. Half of them joined him on the spot.

Warren then contacted Dr. Daniel Amen (a metabolic expert), Dr. Mark Hyman, and Dr. Mehmet Oz, to build a healthy lifestyle plan around faith, food, fitness, focus and friends – the five F’s. Members met in small groups of 6-10, once a week. After one year, the congregation lost 250,000 total pounds. Obviously, this is one example of an “affinity” plan, where people that share a common interest join together to reach a goal

Once a week meetings or 6-10 people? Sounds like Weight Watchers, doesn’t it?  Also, it’s no coincidence that Mr. Warren’s new book comes out just 2 weeks before the prime diet season – he wants to maximize sales as well.

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