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Weight Watchers Connects With Activity Monitors

Sept. 11, 2014 — Weight watchers announced seamless syncing with popular activity monitors and apps, bringing millions of fitness wearable users the opportunity for a more complete and integrated weight loss experience. The integration will allow activity tracked from top devices to be automatically converted into activity PointsPlus® values and updated in the Weight Watchers subscriber app.

Management claims that integration with Fitbit® and Jawbone® is a significant move by Weight Watchers towards integrating with third-party open APIs, and more popular devices and apps will follow soon.

Marketdata Commentary

It’s a step in the right direction, but is the company putting too much effort and money into catching up with fitness monitors while neglecting some more important issues it has to rectify….like coming out with programs for niche customer groups, making sure its 10,000 group leaders are happy and motivated, making it’s meeting sites more visible from the street, finding more retail distribution partners? We’ll see.

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