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Dieting Habits in Britain

At least 55% of Briton tried to lose weight last year (almost exactly the 54% share reported in America by the Calorie Control Council’s 2010 survey). 2.8 million adult Britons go on a diet each year.

According to Mintel research, the 5:2 diet, which encourages intermittent fasting where followers survive on as little as 400 calories on two ‘fasting’ days a week, is now the UK’s favorite, chosen by 39 per cent of dieters. That is followed by low carbohydrate diets, such as the Atkins (32%), and low fat plans like Dukan (25%).

The Paleo Diet, which mimics the diet of cavemen, the Juice Cleanse Diet and Mediterranean Diet were also Google’s top trending diets in 2013.

When it comes to shifting unwanted pounds, exercise now tops the U.K.’s dieting choices however, with 60% of Britons prioritizing it over dietary changes.

As for the cost of programs across the pond, it has been estimated that starting a new one, including joining a “slimming club”, buying shakes or healthier foods, can cost about £160. The average diet, according to a survey by Engage Mutual, lasts just 19 days, and women, in particular, can start three diets per year (vs. 4-5 in America).
Diets that deliver food to your door, such as Diet Chef (with 100,000 customers) will pay £245 a month to dine on specially formulated meals.

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