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The Retail Healthcare Tsunami Is Coming – RediClinic Launches “Weigh Forward” Weight Loss Program

Marketdata has been talking about the entry of national drugstore chains into the weight loss market, via their in-store mini-clinics for some time now. First up was CVS with their Take Care Clinics. Now, a smaller chain, RediClinics has launched. Can Walgreens and other chains be far behind?

Wellness Layers, a leading provider of health and wellness engagement portals, and RediClinic, the nation’s largest independent operator of retail-based convenient care clinics, today announced the launch of RediClinic’s redesigned Weigh Forward portal.

Weigh Forward, offered at RediClinic’s 30 locations inside H-E-B grocery stores in Texas and is licensed to other providers, is a 10 week, 1-on-1, medically supervised program developed in cooperation with Dr. David L. Katz, Director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center. The program offers an innovative behavior change program for weight loss with weekly clinic visits supplemented by an extensive online platform that supports both the clinicians who are delivering the program and the patients enrolled in it.

The personalized planner is a suite of interconnected applications including an action-triggered checklist, a weekly personal plan for addressing behavior barriers, meal planning and tracking, fitness and weight tracking, instructional videos from Dr. Katz, recipes and articles to support each week’s plan, bi-directional communication with the clinician, and progress graphs. The clinician console includes coaching applications for patient management and encouragement, training resources, digital visit forms, scheduling, messaging, ecommerce, medical history, calculation of risk, lab results and orders. The experience is further enhanced with a social support network.

RediClinic’s staff consists of more than 100 board certified Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Medical Assistants are thoroughly trained in the Weigh Forward system.


Jump Start Program – 2 visits $199 (labs, physical exam, body composition, sample meal replacement bards & supplements, quick start guide)

Complete 10-week program – $499 (weekly 15 min. visits, labs, 24/7 access to tech platform with meal plans, recipes, fitness videos, e-coaching, more)

Boost Program for Maintenance – $20/month (monthly in-clinic visits, access to MyWeighForward.com, ongoing coaching)

Marketdata Commentary

Here’s the kicker, in terms of this program spreading to other locations (i.e. more competition for existing weight loss companies)….

The complete Weigh Forward program and portal are available for white-label license by certified care providers and can be configured as a standalone system or integrated with other systems.

The RediClinic weight loss program website with more details

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